The term América is used widely throughout Latin America to signify the the 8,700 mile stretch of land we call this continent. This term includes South, Central, and North America in its definition and unifies the continent as a whole. Amongst a diverse and relatively "new" collection of countries one finds the Americas to be distinctly different from its Old World counterpart. The Americas have seen the inhabitance of its natives, the introduction of European and African cultures, and the development of a modern, independent, and unique collection of countries. The purpose of this study is to explore connections within the countries and cultures of América and to simultaneously celebrate our differences. Living in both North and South America, I have found a true beauty on both ends and all in between. The cultures and customs throughout are particular to this landmass and I find this worth exploring. The music, art, history, and languages of the Americas are beautiful and boundless. Argentina to Canada, Peru to Brasil,  Cuba to California, there is a beauty worth discovering.